Raccoons in NYC their Not Just In The Burbs.

Welcome back NYC to www.nypestpro.com! Today’s news is about that lovely pest otherwise known as raccoons! Did you know that they exist in some of our neighborhoods here in NYC.  Well guess what! They do and they are very dangerous if you get too close.  In part raccoon’s are cute and you may want to pet them, well don’t do it they; Raccoon’s are by far the most territorial and they will attack you if you get too close.  You may be paying the mortgage NYC, but they own the property.

These pests are big, and can weigh up to 35 pounds, so these pests are huge, they are about 40 inches in length and have a bushy tail with about 4 to 7 black rings.  They have hand like feet that allows them to be able to grab things as well as claw at things.  These pests are crafty to be very careful.  Here at Beyond Pest Control we know our pests and these little critters have a very diverse diet.  Raccoons will eat anything and will tear your garbage up.   Their diets consist of fruit, berries, grain, eggs, poultry, vegetables, nuts, mollusks, fish, insects, rodents, carrion, pet food, and garbage, so don’t be fooled NY they are not picky eaters.

These pests are nocturnal, which means that they come out at night-time so you very rarely see them during the day time.  The males are by far the most territorial, and they may take up to about a 3-20 square mile radius, the females on the other hand are less territorial and build their dens to have their young their territory usually spans about 1 to 6 square miles.  Some signs that we here at Beyond Pest see that you may have a raccoon problem might be, that you have scratches on your garbage cans and the garbage has been torn open.

Please be careful though NYC because if you have these pests and see them during the day, they might be sick, so keep away from them and contact your closest pest control center.

One way to get rid of these pests would be to set traps with dog food; they seem to love the stuff. After your pest control professional is contacted and you have caught them, call them immediately and they will be able to set  them free far away from you.  Here at Beyond we do not kill raccoons, we will trap them and set them free far enough away in a wooded area so that they will never be frequent visitors in your back yard again.  So here you are NYC, once again Beyond comes through.  We know pests, and we never let you go a week without getting rid of the problem.  So I hope you have a great day and I will see you in a little bit NYC to discuss another pest in which we all have seen, and/or had to live with.  Our job here at Beyond Pest Control is never done, that’s why we are NY Pest Pro’s.  “We don’t cut corners, we spray them!”


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